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Pay Nothing to List a Part - Only Pay When Your Part Sells

We've made it easy to get in the game of selling online.  We understand that its much more fun to be tinkering in the workshop, tearing things apart, than sitting in front of a computer listing stuff on the web.  Our consignment program gives you more time to tinker!

The Basic Steps to Selling with Parts Frog

1. Select the spare parts that you want to sell.

2. Take a few good photos of each individual part

3. Use the Parts Frog submission form to send us the photos along with a good description and the price you hope to get for the part.  Ensure you price the part as if shipping is included (its much less confusing for buyers and us here at Parts Frog).  If you prefer, just tell us that you will accept a price that is close to the average sale price for a similar part, we can do the research from there. 

4. Keep the parts you list organized so that when they sell, you can quickly and easily find them and get them ready to ship.

5. Check your emails regularly.  When an item sells Parts Frog will email you with shipping instructions (and in many cases a prepaid shipping label). 

6. Once Parts Frog confirms that the part has been shipped you will receive payment by etransfer, Paypal or other means acceptable to both Parts frog and you the vendor.

7. If you sell a part outside of Parts Frog and its no longer available, just please let us know so we can delete the listing.  We're happy you made a sale, we just don't want to disappoint a Parts Frog customer if you can't ship the part they purchased. 

That's it, we do all of the computer work for you.  You get to tinker in the workshop and make some extra cash while you're at it.  


Terms and Conditions

The vendor is responsible for submitting photos of each item to be listed along with a brief description and asking price with shipping included.

Parts Frog is responsible for creating the listing of each item, posting the listing within the Parts Frog online store, and also posting the listing to other marketplaces such as eBay, Bonanza, Marketplace, Instagram, and others as applicable.  

Parts Frog will attempt to answer any questions from potential buyers on behalf of the vendor.

Parts Frog will collect the final sale price of each item as they sell, along with applicable sales taxes (and submit those taxes to the applicable tax agencies on behalf of the vendor).

The Vendor is responsible for packaging and shipping the part to the buyer once Parts Frog notifies the vendor of a sale. Parts Frog may provide a shipping label by email to the Vendor, depending on the size of the part and the location of the Vendor.

The vendor is responsible for submitting proof of shipment to Parts Frog, where the vendor provides their shipping label.

Parts Frog will submit the net proceeds from the sale of the item to the Vendor, once confirmation of shipment has been made.

The vendor understands that the listing price of the item may be higher on other marketplaces (other than the Parts Frog online store) to cover those marketplaces' selling fees (ie eBay selling fees).

The Vendor understands that Parts Frog will deduct a selling fee of 15% of the Final Net Sale as their consignment fee, along with any other selling fees and transaction fees (ie. exchange fees, marketplace fees, shipping charges, etc).

A detailed breakdown of each sale and the fees deducted will be submitted to the vendor after each sale is complete.

Example Fee Breakdown

A vendor lists a part on Parts Frog at a market price of $50 with shipping included for the part.  The part is listed on Parts Frog as well as eBay and Bonanza.  Below is a sample breakdown of what the final fee structure would look like.  All prices are examples and will vary for each sale.

Sale on Parts Frog

Final Sale Price                                                   $50.00

Less shipping label                                              -$9.00

Less bank and credit card fees                            -$3.00

Final Net Sale                                                      $38.00

Parts Frog Consignment Fee 15%                       -$5.70

Payment to the Vendor                                        $32.30


Sale on a Marketplace like eBay or Bonanza

Final Sale Price  (note higher starting price)       $56.00    

Less shipping label                                               -$9.00

Less marketplace fees (variable)                          -$8.96

Final Net Sale                                                      $38.04

Parts Frog Consignment Fee 15%                       -$5.71

Payment to the Vendor                                        $32.33