ARESGAME GPU PCI-E Dual 8(6+2) Pin Cable for AGV750/AGW650/AGW750/AGS750 PSUs

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ARESGAME GPU PCI-E Dual 8(6+2) Pin Cable for AGV750/AGW650/AGW750/AGS750/AGS850 PSUs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Compatible with ARESGAME AGV750/AGW650/AGW750/AGS750/AGS850 PSUs ONLY. This pci-e modular cables are non-interchangeable for AGK750/AGK850/AGT850 or AGT1000.
ATX 8 pin male end to connect to the power supply (NOTE: 8 pin male connector is ATX 8 pin, not pci-e 8 pin.)
Two PCIE 8 pin(6+2) male ends to plug into the video graphics card. (These two 8pin are detachable, they could be used as a 8 pin or 6 pin by sliding on/off the 2 pin)
NOTE: The ATX 8pin end and two 8pin(6+2) PCIE male ends cannot be used interchangeably
Note: This replacement PCI-E cable is only designed for the brand and model as listed in the 1st Point. If you use other incompatible brand PSUs or models, it will burn or damage the PSUs or graphics cards. In this case, we won’t take any responsibility for unproperly usage or installation.

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